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Ed3 helps build online courses that scale, including integrating web3.

We help help clients scale education. We do this with three services.

Course and Curriculum Development

This includes designing and developing courses, including the curriculum. DigitalMarketer is a great example. We helped design their digital marketing courses based on the expertise of subject matter experts. Then, we designed the accreditation model to improve learning outcomes and sales.

Facilitation and Course Management

We help course creators with facilitation and course management on asynchronous courses, cohort-based courses, and integrating web3 into education and training programs. Makerpad is a great example. We helped design and teach the course in an engaging way for students around the world interesting in learning no-code.

Web3 Strategy

Web3 can increase accessibility and incentives for learning. We work with organizations to integrate web3 into their courses. High Impact Institute is a great example, where we helped them imagine how to use crypto to increase charitable giving.