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About Ed3


Ed3 explores the future of education with web3. We do this through writing, podcasts, and whitepapers.

Web3 - the next evolution of the internet that allows users to create, own, and validate their information without a central authority
Ed3 - the intersection of web3 and education; tech-enabled personalized learning


Scott Meyer writes about what is possible in ed3. He collaborates with thought leaders in education and technology to expand understanding of web3 through the lens of real-world application.

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The Ed3 Podcast explores emerging concepts in web3 and education and talks to the builders creating the future.

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Ed3 takes key lessons and ideas from across the content to write whitepapers on core ed3 topics. Look for these coming quarterly starting soon.

About Our Founder

Ed3 is founded by Scott Meyer - an entrepreneur, educator, writer, dad, husband, and runner based in Fargo, ND.

...Yep, like the movie. But different. 😅

He is the VP of Learning at Metacrafters, building a learn-to-earn platform to train web2 developers to find careers as web3 professionals. He is also helping his wife Taylor build a stunning jewelry store in downtown Fargo.

Scott's Path to Ed3

🌐 Began professional career in international relations with a master's degree and teaching position in peace and conflict studies from The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway

💾 Jumped to technology - founded and grew a digital marketing agency for a decade prior to exit

📚 Pursued work in higher education - launched a university entrepreneurship center and accelerated learning program

🔮 Currently rethinking the future of education with web3 to improve access, affordability, and accreditation

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Ed3 is a team sport. 🏆

We work with individuals, companies, institutions, and DAOs to write, consult, and develop the future of education.

If you are interested in collaborating please contact us.

Together, we can increase accessibility, improve accreditation, and make education more affordable.

About Ed3