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Ed3 is an agency and studio developing the future of education with web3.

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Helping clients scale online education


Building ed3 products and community


  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Design & Management
  • Tokenomics & Web3 Strategy



  • University of Texas
  • Makerpad
  • Shiny
  • Digital Marketer
  • CSS
  • Braintrust
Scott helped Makerpad plan, organise and execute our live cohorts. He knows absolutely everything about running cohorts and is an absolute joy to work with.

Ben Tossel

Founder, Markerpad

Scott came in and unpacked web3 in a way that was approachable and exciting. I saw my students’ faces light up: web3 turned them on to possibilities they didn’t know existed. If you need web3 explained to your audience, hit up Scott.

Cam Houser

Instructor, Univ. of Texas | Founder, Minimum Viable Video


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